Top 10 Tourist Places in Punjab

Top 10 Tourist Places in Punjab
Amritsar Golden Temple
Top 10 Tourist Places in Punjab | 10 Beautiful Tourist Places Of Punjab. India is the only country in the world which is known for its geographical and cultural diversity.

Many such states are seen here which are known for their supernatural cultural diversity, religious places, tourist places, food, civilization and culture.

Punjab is also known as the main center of tourist attraction due to the distinctive features of its culture and civilization.

Five rivers flow in Punjab, hence Punjab is also called the land of five rivers. Punjab is famous all over the world for its natural beauty and rich culture.

Punjab is a place which is known for its spirituality to commercialization and its cultural heritage. Punjab has a rich history of its own.

Scenic places and famous religious places located in Punjab attract tourists from all over the world towards their historical heritage.

Every year lakhs of tourists come here from abroad to see the historical heritage of Punjab.

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About 10 famous tourist places of Punjab- Top 10 Tourist Places in Punjab | 10 Beautiful Tourist Places Of Punjab.

10 Beautiful Tourist Places Of Punjab

10 Beautiful Tourist Places Of Punjab
Amritsar Golden Temple


Amritsar Golden Temple Tourist Place

Amritsar is the holy place of Punjab. Here is the largest Sikh Gurudwara “Golden Temple”. Which is famous all over the world. Known as the Golden Temple, the full name of this Gurudwara is “Harminder Sahib”.

This Golden Temple located in Amritsar is also called “Heart of Amritsar”. If we talk about tourism, then Golden Temple is the second largest tourist destination in India.

This is a place where after the Taj Mahal, the largest number of tourists come to visit. Amritsar is known for its glorious history, culture, it is a unique city of Punjab with its glorious history.

Other Historical Heritage in Amritsar –

  1. Bagha Border 
  2. Akal Takht 
  3. Jallianwala Bagh 

This is a place which speaks its own history. And along with this, Amritsar is famous for the Gurudwaras around the world and for the services provided in them.


Mohali Tourist Places

10 Beautiful Tourist Places Of Punjab
PCA Cricket Stadium Mohali


At present, Mohali has become such a tourist destination of Punjab that it is attracting tourists from far and wide due to its natural beauty and beautiful places.

This city of Mohali was named after Sahib Zada Ajit Singh, the son of Guru Gobind Singh. For this reason this city is called S.A.S. Also known as the city.

This city of Mohali is considered to be the focal point of the IT industry in the present times, apart from this the city is also known for its ancient heritage.

The PCA Cricket Stadium located in Mohali is also known for its urban infrastructure.

Other tourist places located in Mohali These tourist places are the main heritage here. Which attracts tourists more –

  1. Chhatbir Zoo 
  2. Sukhna Wildlife Sanctuary 
  3. Gurdwara Amb Sahib
  4. Nada Sahib 
  5. Mataur Jheel 
  6. Rock Garden 
  7. Sukhna Lake 
  8. Mansa Devi Temple,

All these tourist places are included in the important tourist places of Mohali.


Patiala Tourist Places

Top 10 Tourist Places in Punjab
Gurudwara Dukhniwaran Sahib

Presently Patiala is the fourth largest city in the state of Punjab.

If you go to Patiala then you will get to see the major traditions, cultural heritage and customs of Punjab here. Patiala is considered an ideal place to be aware of the cultural heritage here.

If you go to Patiala, then there are many excursion places for tourists in Patiala where you can go for a walk. and have a good time.

The most famous classical music in Patiala is Paranda, Patiala Salwar, Patiala Shahi Paag, Patiala Jutti and Patiala Pag etc.

We get to see the beautiful creation of Punjabi culture in today’s time. That has been the role of the Patiala Rajput rulers to preserve the culture.

Known as the city of newspapers, this district of Punjab is considered a symbol of historical heritage and architecture with its beauty.

Patiala is called the city of historical heritage sites. Major tourist places in Patiala –

  1. royal solution
  2. ancient cells
  3. Moti Bagh of Patiala
  4. Rang Mahal
  5. Castle of glass
  6. Lahori Gate
  7. Nabha Gate
  8. Samana Gate
  9. Qila Mubarak Complex
  10. runbass
  11. Qila Bahadur Garh
  12. Kali Mandir
  13. Gurudwara Dukhniwaran Sahib
  14. Barahari Garden
  15. Laxman Jhula

You will get to see tourist places etc.


Jalandhar Tourist Places

Top 10 Tourist Places in Punjab
culture of Punjab

If you are making up your mind to see the culture of Punjab, then definitely go to Jalandhar. Jalandhar is considered to be the best place of culture of Punjab.

This Jalandhar, with special significance of Sikhism and Hinduism, is also called the city of temples. Jalandhar is considered to be one of the oldest cities of Punjab at present.

If we see the oldest history of Jalandhar, then according to the Department of Archeology, the history of Jalandhar is considered to be from the time of Indus Valley Civilization and Mahabharata.

Jalandhar, located in the state of Punjab, is an ancient city with a rich history in its own right. This place is named after a demon king Jalandhar. Which we find in Puranas and Mahabharata.

After independence, it used to be the capital of Punjab till 1953. Jalandhar has been the main center of tourist attraction.

The rich culture and tradition of this city along with the number of tourists has made Jalandhar tourism more popular among the travelers visiting here.

Major tourist places to visit in Jalandhar –

10 Beautiful Tourist Places Of Punjab
Devi talab temple Jalandhar
  1. Devi Talab Temple
  2. Talhani
  3. St. Mary’s Cathedral
  4. Shaheed-e-Azam Museum
  5. Sodal Temple
  6. Jung-e-Azadi Memorial
  7. Imam Nasir Mosque
  8. Sadar Bazar
  9. Kartarpur Gurdwara
  10. Science City, Kapurthala
  11. Wonderland Theme Park
  12. Rangla Punjab Haveli
  13. Gurdwara Talhan Sahib Ji
  14. Gandhi Stadium
  15. company garden

Tourists spend their good time in these tourist places located in Jalandhar, as well as get acquainted with the historical and cultural heritage here. If you want to come here, then you can also enjoy the tourist places here.


Bathinda Tourist Place

10 Beautiful Tourist Places Of Punjab
Rose Garden Bathinda

Bhatinda located in Punjab is the place where the history of the land of Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth Guru of the Sikhs.

Bathinda is a symbol of its rich and powerful glorious history. At present, Bathinda is seen as one of the ancient monuments and great tourist places.

From today, monuments of about 3000 years ago are available for you to see in this city.

Names that appear in the main tourist places in Bathinda –

  1. Quila Mubarak Bathinda
  2. Rose Garden Bathinda
  3. Chetak Park Bathinda
  4. Pir Haji Ratan’s Mazar Bathinda
  5. Damdama Sahib Gurdwara Bathinda
  6. Lakhi Jungle Bathinda
  7. M/s Khana Mandir Bathinda
  8. Bir Talab Zoo Bathinda
There are major tourist places of Bathinda, which tourists come here to see.

Pathankot Tourist Places Punjab 

10 Beautiful Tourist Places Of Punjab
Pathankot, located in the state of Punjab, meets three states, the point of Punjab, Jammu and Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh is Pathankot.
Pathankot, which forms the international border with Pakistan and is also the most populous city of Punjab, is also Pathankot.
Pathankot is known worldwide for its beauty. Pathankot is famous for the holy places of Hinduism. The history of Pathankot is very ancient, the history here is considered to be of Mahabharata period.
It is said that when the Pandavas had an unknown abode, the Pandavas had rested at this place during their exile.
Pathankot is a very beautiful city situated in the foothills of Kangra, this place has been known for its lush green beauty, natural beauty and a rich historical past.
Pathankot is also called the gateway of Jammu and Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh. That is why most of the tourists also stay in Pathankot whenever they visit Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir.
Its natural beauty and its rich history have made Pathankot a popular tourist destination in Punjab.
Known as a tourist destination, Pathankot is currently served as a base for the defense forces of the Indian Army and the Indian Air Force. Which further increases the popularity of Pathankot.
If you are coming to Pathankot, then definitely go to these places located here and definitely enjoy the beauty of this place.
  1. Mukteshwar Temple Pathankot
  2. Nurpur Fort Pathankot
  3. Ranjit Sagar Dam
  4. Shahpurkandi Fort Pathankot
  5. Kathgarh Temple, Pathankot
  6. Hydraulic Research Station Pathankot
  7. Nagin Temple Pathankot
  8. Kali Mata Temple Pathankot
  9. Novelty Mall Pathankot
  10. Shani Dev Temple Pathankot
  11. Laxmi Narayan Mandir Pathankot
  12. City Center Mall Pathankot
  13. Jugial Township
  14. Chinmayi Temple
Situated in Pathankot, it is the center of all scenic and religious tourist places.

Sirhind Tourist Place

10 Beautiful Tourist Places Of Punjab
Sirhind Fatehgarh Sahib Gurdwara Punjab
The city of Sirhind, located in the state of Panjab, is considered to be the holiest city of Sikhism in the world. This city is situated between Ludhiana, and Ambala. This city of Sirhind is also known as the symbol of victory and freedom of the Sikhs.
It is surrounded by four walls. The city is the Sirhind city dedicated to Diwan Todarmal, Nawab Sher Mohammad Khan, Baba Banda Bahadur and Baba Moti Ram Mehra respectively.
Sirhind city This city of Punjab, displaying its cultural diversity and secularism, attracts tourists to itself.
Tourists who come here go to visit the historical tourist places here, it is the ancient historical heritage of this place.
  1. Mata Chakreshwari Sirhind
  2. Devi Jain Temple, Sirhind
  3. Aam Khas Bagh, Sirhind
  4. Floating Restaurant Sirhind
And along with this, Sirhind is also famous for many other historical sites.

Harike Wetland and Bird Sanctuary, Amritsar, Punjab

10 Beautiful Tourist Places Of Punjab
Harike wetland and bird sanctuary

The largest man-made wetland site in North India has been built in Amritsar in the state of Punjab, which at present is a main site for seeing rare species of wetlands birds.

Situated in the border of the Tarn Taran Sahib district of Punjab, you will find a lot to see in this sanctuary.
  1. diving duck
  2. smooth coated
  3. stir
  4. Indus River Dolphin
  5. Indian wild boar
This place is called nature’s paradise for the natural beauty and amazing birds, migratory birds sighting.
Harike Wetland located in Amritsar is a famous destination for bird watching tourists. This place is one of the best places to visit near Amritsar.
The popular Harike Lake is spread over an area of ​​4100 hectares within the park. So far, about 375 bird species have been sighted in this sanctuary.

Punjab Faridkot Tourist Places

Top 10 Tourist Places in Punjab
Qila Mubarak  Faridkot

My dear friends, if you go to Faridkot, you will get to see the ancient historical heritage here. Faridkot is a city in Punjab which is known for ancient forts and gurudwaras.

Faridkot, known for its historical heritage and royal city, is situated in the Sutlej Ganga basin.
This city is famous everywhere by the name of Baba Farid. The city has been a pilgrimage town for Sufi saints since time immemorial.
In Faridkot, located in the south-west of Punjab, you will find ancient tourist places, mainly –
  1. Darbar Ganj,
  2. Qila Mubarak,
  3. baba farid
  4. Gurudwara Godri
These include all the main tourist places.

Kapurthala Tourist Places Punjab

10 Beautiful Tourist Places Of Punjab
Jagjit Palace Kapurthala Panjab

In today’s time, if you go to Kapurthala, here you will see beautiful gardens, palaces, temples, gurudwaras, for which world famous Kapurthala is also known as Paris of Punjab.

Kapurthala has become a famous tourist destination all over the world in today’s time for its excellent architecture, beauty, and breathtaking views.
Known for its historical importance, it is considered unique in the world for its natural landscape and magnificent looking monuments.
Sri Guru Nanak Dev attained enlightenment in Kapurthala itself, hence this place is also considered a holy place.
Here tourists will find many beautiful places to visit, mainly –
  2. Panj Mandir
  3. Kanjali
  4. wetland
  5. Elysee Palace
  6. Jagjit Palace
  7. Shalimar Garden
  8. Nihal Palace
  9. State Gurudwara
Here in Kapurthala, tourists come from all over the country and abroad to visit, the beauty and beautiful scenery here fascinates the tourists.
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