Sundarbans Tourist Places In West Bengal | Sundarban -Royal Bengal Tiger

 Sundarbans Tourist Places In West Bengal

Sundarbans Tourist Places In West Bengal
Sundarbans Tourist Places In West Bengal

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Today we are going to tell about the Sundarbans located in West Bengal, which is home to wild animals and birds.

Sundarbans National Park is full of natural beauty, which is located in the state of West Bengal, India. Sundarbans National Park is known worldwide for hosting the largest mangrove forests in the world. Sundarbans is a Tiger Reserve Park as well as it is also a Biosphere Reserve.

The Sundarbans National Park, an important part of the Sundarbans delta, is currently associated with mangrove forests and the largest population of Bengal tigers. Due to this, Bengal Tigers are safe here and their numbers are increasing continuously.

Sundarban -Royal Bengal Tiger

Sundarban -Royal Bengal Tiger
Sundarbans Tourist Places In West Bengal

It is known as a UNESCO World Heritage Site with a large number of birds and reptiles in the Sundarbans. Sundarban means beautiful forest, Sundarban has been declared a UNESCO heritage site.

After the independence of India, Sundarbans has been a wildlife sanctuary since 1966. It is estimated that there are more than 400 Royal Bengal Tigers present in this entire region and if we talk about the spotted deer, then there are about 30,000 spotted deer here. .

If you take information about the forests in this forest, then it is known that there are maximum number of beautiful trees here. The Sundarbans is a declared Tiger Reserve, which is home to the Royal Bengal Tiger. Tourists keep coming to visit here, tourists who want to trek here can also enjoy coastal trekking here.

This park is located in the Sundarbans delta region of the Ganges River in the southern part of the state of West Bengal. This park is a tiger protected area and is also a biosphere reserve area.

Many species of birds, reptiles and vertebrates are found here. Here salt water crocodiles are also seen in salt water.

The Sundarbans National Park used to be the original Sundarbans Tiger Reserve area in 1973.

After that in 1977 it was declared a wildlife sanctuary and a few years later, on May 4, 1984, Sunderbans was declared a national park, since then the number of wild animals and birds is increasing continuously.

Sundarban Map

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