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Tourist Places in Saharanpur
Tourist Places in Saharanpur

Saharanpur in the Saharanpur district located in the state of Uttar Pradesh was established around 1340 and the city was named after Raja Shah Ranvir, later it was renamed as Saharanpur by the Mughals.

The most famous thing in Saharanpur is Wood Art and Darul Uloom Deoband. 

Which has given a different identity to Saharanpur on the world stage. 

It is also said that the name of this city was derived from the name of Saharanpur Shakambhari Devi.

This temple is the oldest temple here. And in this district is the main Shaktipeeth of Goddess Shakambhari, 

whose description you get to see in the ancient Vedas and Puranas.

 The city is a famous tourist destination of Saharanpur and is also known for cottage industries like wood carving. 

Apart from this, Saharanpur is also a very famous place for agricultural produce like mango and basmati rice.

The city boasts of an ancient and rich history in itself. 

The city has seen the rise and fall of several kings and emperors and has left an indelible mark on the history of Uttar Pradesh, Saharanpur.

Tourist Places in Saharanpur

Tourist Places in Saharanpur
 Maa Shakambhari Devi 

Maa Shakumbhari Devi Temple Saharanpur

 It is situated in the area of ​​a village named Jasmore, 40 kilometers to the north in the Saharanpur district of the state of Uttar Pradesh. 

It has two main temples of deities: Maa Shakambhari Devi Mata and Bhura-dev temple,

The temple of Bhura Dev, which is at a distance of one kilometer, who is believed to be the protector of Mother, is another famous temple dedicated to Goddess Shakambhari, which is located near Sambhar Lake in Rajasthan. 

The second major temple of Shakambhari Devi is located at Badami in Bagalkot district in the state of Karnataka.

Mata Shakambhari Devi who is a gentle incarnation of Mother Adi shakti Jagadamba is seated here.

The mother is also described as having four arms and sometimes eight-sided. mother’s  oldest Shaktipeeth is the only one which is situated in the mountainous part of Saharanpur.

This temple of Mata is one of the most visited temples of North India. 

The second most famous temple after Vaishno Devi temple in North India is that of Maa Shakambhari Devi. 

Among the nine goddesses, the form of Maa Shakambhari Devi is considered to be the most compassionate and loving mother.

Mythology of Maa Shakumbhari Devi

 Maa Shakambhari Devi 

According to the Vanparva of Mahabharata, Goddess Shakambhari had meditated for a hundred years in the Shivalik hills. 

At the end of the month, she used to eat vegetarian food only once. 

Hearing his fame, the ascetic and wise sages came to see him.

The goddess also welcomed him with Shakam, since then the goddess came to be known as Shakambhari.

 According to Skanda Purana, Surya Kund is situated in the eastern part of Yamuna. There are shrines like Vishnu Kund and Banganga.

In earlier times, Lord Vishnu had done severe penance at this place to please Rudra. And in the south part of it sits Shakambhari Devi, who is the best and all Kameshwari Devi. 

This is where Shakeshwar Mahadev ji is direct and accomplished.

In the time of ancient times, during the famine or war of 100 years, the goddess had fed everyone by the special type of herb produced from her organs. 

That is why she became famous by the name of Shakambhari. T

his goddess is the direct Siddhidatri and the destroyer of sins by mere darshan.

 Surrounding view of Maa Shakumbhari Devi

There is a temple of Baba Bhuradev about one km before the temple of Maa Shakambhari Devi. 

One who is the bodyguard of the mother. After the first darshan of Bhuradev, the devotees proceed further. 

The road ahead is a little rocky and passes through a shell.

In the rainy season, more water comes in this shell. 

Due to which your journey should be postponed as there is more water flow in it. After walking a little further, the entrance of Maa Shakambhari Devi comes. 

After covering some distance, the mother’s building becomes visible.

Before entering the temple of Mata, all the devotees start in a row so that it is easy to see and all the devotees reach the temple by climbing the stairs. 

Mother Shakambhari Devi is seen in the sanctum sanctorum of the mother. 

While circumambulating the temple, you can see miniature temples of many gods and goddesses being built.

Maa Bala Sundari Devi Temple – Deoband

Maa Bala Sundari Devi Temple - Deoband
Mother Bala Sundari Devi

The temple of Mother Bala Sundari Devi is located in Deoband of district Saharanpur. 

Deoband is a tehsil of Saharanpur district, situated at a distance of about 46 kilometers from (Saharanpur) of UP. 

Here Mother Goddess is worshiped in the form of Bala Sundari.

Every year a grand fair is organized here on the Chaturdashi of Chaitra month. Devotees come to the fair to have darshan of the mother. This fair lasts for 15 days.

This temple is famous as Maa Bala Sundari. It is believed that Maa Bala Devi was the sister of Maa Shakumbhari, a temple of hers is located in the nearby Shakumbhari area. 

Devotees of Mata come here during Navratras for special worship. By the way, many devotees also come to see the mother on other festivals.

In this temple of Mata, water comes out from Pindi. Tripura Maa Bala Sundari is a historical and ancient temple located in Deoband. Even today, the sound of banging bangles is heard in the temple at the time of mother’s funeral, but not everyone can hear this sound. 

Only those who are true devotees of Maa Durga get the good fortune.

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Botanical Garden Saharanpur

Tourist Places in Saharanpur
Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden, located in Saharanpur, is the oldest Botanical Garden in India. 

This garden was established in about 1750. 

This garden was established by the East India Company during the British rule.

When the Botanical Garden of India was surveyed in 1887, Saharanpur was the first in the survey and after that it became the center. 

And it was considered best for the study of flora and fauna.

What was once at number one, in today’s time this Botanical Garden of Saharanpur comes second after the Botanical Garden of Calcutta, where plants and plants are included in science for research.

Remarkable research is done on many plants and trees here, apart from this research is also done on medicinal plants and plants. 

At present the garden is used as a horticulture experiment and training centre.

Maa Shakumbhari Devi Temple Saharanpur map

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