Places to visit in Manali | Top 10 Tourist Places In ManaliPlaces to visit in Manali | Top 10 Tourist Places In Manali

Places to visit in Manali

Places to visit in Manali
Manali View

“Bliss Trip Destination” will give detailed information about Manali, a tourist destination located in Himachal Pradesh, to all my readers.

After reading this article, all of you must visit here once. And do share your experience.

Manali is a hill tourist destination in the state of Himachal Pradesh in northern India. Here you will get to see colorful refreshing valleys, beautiful snowy peaks with cotton like clouds lying on high mountains, clear and transparent water of Beas river and natural environment with greenery.

You will get to see all these natural beauty here and this is also the specialty here, due to which Manali has become a famous tourist destination today.

Almost all people are looking for some kind of environment which can give peace of mind as well as make their trip exciting and memorable.

If you want to come here, then you can enjoy both of these at one place. Tourist places located in Manali provide you an opportunity to do something different along with getting absorbed in the natural beauty.

Like trekking, paragliding, rafting etc. you can enjoy a lot here.

10 Tourist Places In Manali

Top 10 Tourist Places In Manali

Manali Attractions

When you come here and see the beautiful natural scenery here, you will not even know when you will be completely lost in it.

Let’s go to visit all those tourist places of Manali where you will be able to get acquainted with the beautiful scenery and every corner of nature here:

  1. Solang Valley Manali
  2. Rohtang Pass Manali
  3. Hadimba Temple Manali
  4. Chandratal Baralachha Track Manali
  5. Mani Karan Sahib Manali
  6. Kullu
  7. Great Himalayan National Park
  8. Manu Temple
  9. Manali Century
  10. Naggar


Solang Valley Manali

Top 10 Tourist Places In Manali
Solang Valley Manali

If you have come to visit Himachal Pradesh, then the first place that comes to mind when you come here is the city of Manali. The specialty of this place is to make your Manali trip full of energy and thrill.

If you come here, from parachuting to paragliding, from horse riding to driving an open air jeep, you will get to do everything that can make your journey memorable.

During winters in Manali, snow will be seen everywhere, the mountain ranges here look very beautiful due to being covered with snow. During this time, there is a lot of interest among the travelers in skiing here.

In summer, when the snow starts melting, tourists come here to enjoy it because two people sitting inside a transparent big ball, when rolling down the valley, its enjoyment increases double.

If you come here, you will not be able to feel boredom even for a moment by coming here. And you will feel blissful in the beautiful plains here.


Rohtang Pass Manali

Top 10 Tourist Places In Manali
Rohtang Pass Manali

This Rohtang Pass has become an integral part of Manali tourist destination situated at an altitude of 3978 meters in Manali. As you come here you will go upwards.

You will continue to marvel at the amazing views and atmosphere here. The incomparable views here are such that you will never be able to forget even if you want to.

Its beauty will absorb you in the scenery here. With its very good beauty, it has also made some film directors its fans. Due to which some films were also filmed here, which includes films like Jab We Mat and Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani.


Hadimba Temple Manali

Top 10 Tourist Places In Manali
Hadimba Temple Manali

Situated on a hill amidst beautiful and lush green trees, this Hadimba temple is a very important part of Manali’s sightseeing. This temple is dedicated to Hidimba, the wife of Bhima “mentioned in the Mahabharata”.

If you come here, you will see that it is completely different from other temples. Let us tell you that the entrance of this temple is made of strong wood.

And its roof is also in the shape of an umbrella. This place is considered perfect for peace loving travelers. Here you will get to see an atmosphere of peace and a network of tall pine trees, which makes for a very beautiful sight.

Here nature is seen spreading its sixth from all sides, this temple binds all of us with an unbroken string because it connects us with the mythological text of Mahabharata.


Chandratal Baralachha Track Manali

Top 10 Tourist Places In Manali
Chandratal Baralacha Track Manali

Chandratal Baralachha is a lake situated at an altitude of about 4300 meters. Which is the highest lake in this Himalayan region. Here you get to see the confluence of natural beauty and peace.

Here the morning view is very beautiful.

After seeing this view here, you can also make it memorable through your camera. You will get to see the call of nature beauty everywhere.

The colorful gardens and extinct wildlife here will make your journey a memorable moment in your life. The wave of freshness here will make your romance so happy that you will never forget it.


Mani Karan Sahib Manali

Top 10 Tourist Places In Manali
Mani Karan Sahib Manali
Mani Karan Sahib Gurdwara is situated in the valley near the banks of Parvati river. This place is at a distance of 39 km from Manali. This place is full of natural beauty.

Situated here, this Gurdwara is a holy pilgrimage site for Hindus and Sikhs. You will get a lot of pleasure by taking a dip in the natural hot water pool and you will start feeling the purity.

It is a belief of the Sikhs about this place that Guru Nanak ji had performed many miracles here. The belief of Hindus about this place is that Shiva and Parvati used to reside here.

That’s why a lot of devotees come to this tourist place of Manali. The natural beauty-filled environment around here indulges in peace and spirituality.



Top 10 Tourist Places In Manali

Kullu is the place in Himachal Pradesh which is called the paradise of nature lovers. This delightful place is at a distance of about 39.9 km from Manali. Kullu is a very beautiful valley spread over a very large area.

This valley is very famous for its breathtaking views and the beauty of the majestic mountains. Kullu is situated at an altitude of about 1230 meters.

This place, full of natural beauty, is an important destination for those who love nature. Travelers coming to Kullu can enjoy river rafting, trekking, mountaineering, etc. by coming here to fill their journey with thrill and excitement.


Great Himalayan National Park

Top 10 Tourist Places In Manali
Great Himalayan National Park

This park is located in Kullu, some distance from Manali City. This national park is surrounded by the Himalayan ranges on three sides.

The Great Himalayan National Park is home to a wide variety of wildlife. If we talk about these wildlife, then 375 species of animals, 31 species of mammals and 181 species of birds reside here.

Another special thing here is that the pine trees and pine trees growing in this beautiful national park enhance this beauty even more.

If you live in cities, then you can find a break from the hustle and bustle of the city for some time here. And yes, if you are coming here, then never forget to come here and take a photo of Manali.


Manu Temple Himachal Pradesh

Top 10 Tourist Places In Manali
Manu Temple

You can visit Manu temple here. From here you will also get to see very beautiful views. It is described in ancient texts that Manu was the creator of mankind and this Manu temple is dedicated to him.

You will find only one temple in the whole of India which has been built for Manu. Manali is that place which holds its important place in all the attractive places of India.

This temple is situated in the valley of Beas river. All the tourists who come here come here to witness the divine powers and to attain spiritual peace.

If you come here and see, then this environment wrapped with greenery will fill your mind with peace. Because in search of this peace, people do not know where they do not wander. The peace that you have not found anywhere, you will surely get the same lost peace by coming here.


Manali Century

Top 10 Tourist Places In Manali
Manali Century

Now you must be well aware about Manali that where is Manali? Manali Sanctuary is home to many wildlife animals. Here you will also get to see the local bird of Himachal Pradesh, Mona.

Here you will get to see greenery-greenery far and wide and the crooked paths passing through that greenery will fill your mind with enthusiasm.

Here the time is in the morning or every time of the evening, you will get to see the movement of animals and birds. Coming here, you will feel as if you have settled in the lap of nature and yes when you go, you will not be able to live without praising Manali tourism.


Naggar in Manali

Naggar in Manali
Naggar In Manali

This is such an area of ​​Manali that your mind will be happy after seeing it. Seeing this, you will want to capture every corner of it in the camera. And you can capture it and keep it with your memories.

Among all the tourist places of Manali, Naggar tourist place makes its special place. The beautiful greenery all around here which will introduce you to its freshness.

The fun of driving here is something different, the trekking environment here is so good that it will make your journey enjoyable.

People who come to Himachal Pradesh and want to rest in the lap of nature. Manali is the best place for them. Whoever comes here, they come here and take a breath of peace, which fills their soul with new energy and they stay here for some time.

 Manali Map


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