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Tourist Places in Nainital
Tourist Places in Nainital
Nainital district in the state of Uttarakhand is world famous as the city of lakes and lakes. The city of Nainital is surrounded by mountain ranges on all three sides, including Tiffin Top, China Peak, Ladian Kanta, Snowview, Hadi Gadi, Lion’s Danda Hills.
Nainital city is situated at an altitude of about 1938 meters above sea level, it is one of the tourist places on the world tourism map with the highest number of lakes.
In the middle of this city is Nainital which is also known as Naini Lake, whose length is 1500 meters and width is 510 meters and depth is 10 to 156 meters. This pool is surrounded by seven hills on all three sides.
Roads are built on both sides of this pool, the upper part of the pool is called Mallital and the lower part is called Tallital.
After the railway line was laid up to Kathgodam in 1882 and the district headquarters at Nainital in 1891, this lake town grew rapidly.
After that the Raj Bhavan or Secretariat building was established at Mallital in Nainital in 1900.After that it was used as the summer capital of Uttar Pradesh from 1962.. After the formation of the state, from 9 November 2000, the Uttarakhand High Court was shifted to this building.

Naini Lake

Naini Lake
Naini Lake
Naini Lake is located in Nainital itself. This lake is a Nayan or eye-shaped lake surrounded by hills. This lake is the identity of Nainital.
The name of this lake is named after Goddess Naina. According to mythology, when Lord Shiva was going from here carrying the dead body of Goddess Sati, the eyes of Mother Sati fell at this place and the lake was formed here. The name of the lake was Naini Lake.
For tourists, Naini Lake in Nainital is very beautiful and full of natural beauty, here tourists enjoy this lake by boat in Naini Lake.
There are three more mountain peaks of this lake, when the reflection of these mountain peaks falls on the districts, then this view is very beautiful, which attracts the mind of every tourist.
There is an unprecedented pleasure of traveling by boat here, ducks and fishes are also reared in this lake, here you can sit in a boat and enjoy the natural beauty around here.
If you are planning to come to Nainital, then definitely come here, after coming here you will feel that this trip has been our best trip because the natural beauty of this place will fascinate your mind.
Major tourist places in Nainital
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Naina Devi Temple


Naina Peak

Naina Peak
Naina Peak
Naina Peak is located at a distance of 6 kilometers from the city of Nainital. The height of Naina Peak is 2611 meters. It is the highest peak of Nainital. The panoramic shade of Himalayas can be clearly seen from Naina Peak.
The snow-capped mountain peaks and the monkey tail peak in the west and the Api and Nari peaks of Nepal in the east are visible and along with this, the view of the beauty of the city of Nainital from here is very beautiful and captivating. is going to take
From here, tourists can enjoy a lot of mountain peaks around and far away through binoculars.
From the city of Nainital, you can go on foot to reach Naina Pick. If you cannot travel on foot, you can reach here by sitting on a horse.

snow view

Snow View is located at a distance of 2.5 kilometers from Nainital. The height of Snowview mountain peak is 2270 meters.
It can also be reached on foot or by ropeway. Ropeway is made from Mallital, from here you can sit comfortably.
snow view
snow view
The best view is seen here in the months of October and November because at that time the snow keeps on turning around here, due to which the whole area is covered with snow and the beauty of this place increases.
Naini Lake Map

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