Kalimpong places to visit in West Bengal | Kalimpong weather
Kalimpong places to visit in West Bengal | Kalimpong weather

 Kalimpong places to visit in West Bengal

Kalimpong places to visit in West Bengal
Kalimpong places to visit in West Bengal

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Today we will know about Kalimpong and along with it we will also tell you about the food here. My dear friends, I mostly write about the places where natural beauty can be seen, so that the natural beauty inside the people. By seeing and living in that environment, love for nature and that water, forest and land should be cherished and understand its importance.

Kalimpong is located in the Darjeeling district of the state of West Bengal. Kalingpong used to be a part of Sikkim till 1700 AD. After that it was occupied by the King of Bhutan in the beginning of the 18th century.

After that the Anglo-Bhutan war took place and after that in 1865 AD it was merged with Darjeeling. Then the Scottish missionaries arrived here in the second half of the 19th century.

Till 1950 AD, this city was famous for wool and was their main trading center. Presently this city has developed a lot and now it is one of the major hill stations of West Bengal.

Kalimpong is the place where Mount Sikhar is covered with snow, this place is known as a beautiful hill station in the state of West Bengal, India.

If you think about coming here, then you will definitely consider what it is like here, then tell you that the biggest fact of tourism in Kalimpong is that this place is a majestic hill station.

And it is a very beautiful place situated at an altitude of about 4000 feet above sea level. Here the pure atmosphere and sweet air keep blowing, this place is full of natural beauty,

its natural shade and green mountains make your journey memorable and here Tourists want to come here again and again after seeing the beautiful view of.

Here you will get to see the tradition of West Bengal as well as the culture, food, people’s inclination towards the Buddhist monastery, which you will always remember.

for nature lovers

For those who love nature, there are many special things in Kalimpong that will increase your affection towards nature like – Clouded Leopard, Red Panda, Siberian Beejal, Barking Deer Apart from this, there are also birds in this city. A wide variety is seen.

If you want to know more about the beauty of nature here, then you can visit the Neora National Park or Rishi Bankim Chandra Park located in the city.

This place is known for an ideal picnic spot.

The orchids found in Kalimpong are exported from here to all over the world, by which you can please your girlfriend, husband or wife. There are two main sites painted in cultural colors

1. Lepcha Museum 2. Jang Dhol Palri Podang Monastery, both these sites are about 1 km from the city centre. Is at a distance of. This place is located near Siliguri, tourists can easily come here for a walk. You also get to see many beautiful views while visiting here.

Broadband net is required in some places in Kalimpong, however, high-speed internet runs from place to place in hotels etc., which can be easily taken advantage of by the tourists visiting here.

Kalimpong weather

Kalimpong weather
Kalimpong places to visit in West Bengal

The best season of Kalimpong is in the summer season and in the spring season. Kalimpong is the place from where trade between India and Nepal takes place.

Trade between India and China takes place from Kalimpong itself. The change of weather in Kalimpong is very pleasant, do not visit Kalimpong after the onset of monsoon.

The local people living in Kalimpong are mostly Nepali who came in search of jobs before India’s independence and settled here. People living in Kalimpong are mostly open minded, and are happy

The major festivals celebrated here include Diwali, Dussehra, Christmas. Various types of people live here in the local people, in spite of that, there is a view of the vast culture of India, here everyone lives with love and love.

If you travel here, then you must visit the Lepcha Museum and Jing Dhok Palri Podang Temple while traveling here.

food of Kalimpong

In terms of food, you can taste the local food made in Kalimpong like momos, chicken, pork or vegetable dishes, etc., only at the roadside stall.

Thupka is made from noodles here.

Churpi is a dish of the local people, which is made using yak milk.

Golf in Kalimpong

Kalimpong places to visit in West Bengal
Kalimpong places to visit in West Bengal 

Kalimpong is the best place for those who are fond of golf. Kalimpong has an 18-hole golf court. Golfers believe that the Golf Ground in Kalimpong is the best golf course in the world.

The maintenance of this golf course is done by the Indian Army.

How to reach Kalimpong

If you want to come here, then Kalimpong is located nearby, coming from Siliguri on the way to State Highway 31, from here you can easily reach Kalimpong after an hour’s journey by road. If you are coming by air then taxis are easily available from Siliguri Airport, tourists can also book cars according to their convenience and travel to Kalimpong comfortably.

Kalimpong Map

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