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Kaladhungi Nainital

Best Place Kaladhungi Nainital
 Kaladhungi Nainital

Kaladhungi is situated at a distance of 26 kms from Haldwani, 30 kms from Nainital and 19 kms from Bajpur. Kaladhungi is one of the 8 tehsils of Nainital district.

Kaladhungi was also the winter habitat of Jim Corbett National Park. Now his bungalow located in Kaladhungi has been converted into a museum. Jim Corbett, the famous hunter of Uttarakhand and later Jim Corbett, an advocate of the establishment of the Jim Corbett Wildlife Sanctuary, has in his books the man-eater of Kumaon, the man-eating leopard of Rudraprayag, the story of the jungle, Details of Kaladhungi have been presented in books like My India, etc.

It is written in his description that Kaladhungi was a village situated at the end of the hill slopes. Which was a suitable place to escape from the harsh winters of Nainital, as the climate here was as hot as the lowlands. There was enough land to cultivate. There were dense forests all around. Which was full of diverse wildlife.

Here often hunters used to go hunting in search of their food and for entertainment. Sometimes a tiger or a leopard was found roaming closer than a mile, which used to run away again into the forest without causing any harm to the local residents.

Kaladhungi was named as Kaladhungi because the reason behind this name was the black stones found in abundance here.

In the Pahari language, the stone is called Dhung, that is why the name of this place got the name Kaladhungi from the name of black stone.

Even though Kaladhungi may have been settled in 1915, but in the time of 1860, the British had set up an iron factory here, here the British started the work of making iron together with Indian laborers and exported the iron made from here to Haldwani and Nainital. Were

In today’s time the population of Kaladhungi is around 12 to 15 thousand, but according to the 2001 census, the population here was around 7000, this is also the house of Jim Corbett, which has turned into a mess in today’s time.

Very beautiful natural beauty is seen on the way from Kaladhungi to Nainital, while coming from Kaladhungi you first reach Khurpatal where most of the people reach here and spend their time.

Kaladhungi region is very fertile where vegetables and fruits are produced in abundance. For years Kaladhungi has become the main center of trade in its surrounding plains. You can go to Ramnagar Haldwani Nainital to visit from here. All these places are 1 from Kaladhungi. Located 2 hours away from

Ghorakhal Golu Devta temple

Ghorakhal Golu Devta temple
 Ghorakhal Golu Devta temple
Local people say that the “Golu Devta” was established in the Ghorakhal temple by a woman from Maharagaon. At that time, this woman was harassed a lot by her family years ago. He went to his maternal home in Champawat and requested Golu Devta to accompany him to get justice. And Golu Devta listened to him and Golu Devta went with that woman, after that he sat in Ghorakhal temple.

In the Ghorakhal Golu Devta temple, devotees from all over the country and abroad keep coming here to offer prayers throughout the year. But during the time of Navratras, a large number of devotees reach here to worship.

The delightful, quiet and religious place “Ghodakhal” is situated at a distance of about 5 km from Bhowali in Nainital district. Ghorakhal is a famous temple of Golu Devta.

Ghorakhal is a small village situated in a beautiful hilly area, this village is mainly known for the temple of Lord Golu worshiped by the hill people.

Ghodakhal is a very beautiful and attractive area situated at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level, this temple is also known as “Temple of Bells”. Tourists also keep coming here because the temple of Golu Devta is grand and attractive.

Story of Golu Devta

According to legends, the origin of “Golu Devta” is believed to be from the time of “King Jhalrai” of Katyur dynasty. The capital of his then state was Dhumakote Champawat.

Despite having seven queens of King Jhalrai, he too was childless. In the hope of getting a child, Bhairav ​​Yagya was done by the king to a Siddha Baba of Kashi and after that “Gaur Bhairav” appeared to him in the dream and said that Rajan, you should now marry the eighth and then “I will marry you from the womb of the same eighth queen.” will be born as a son

The king made the eighth marriage with a girl named “Kalinka”. And soon the queen became pregnant too. Due to the pregnant of the eighth queen, jealousy and malice arose among the seven queens. The queens conspired and told Kalika that there is a wrath of planets on your son and to avoid the wrath of the planets, the mother should not see the appearance of the child born for seven days.

On the day of delivery, the seven queens placed a round stone in place of the newborn baby. The seven queens told Kalika Rani that she had given birth to a round stone. After that the seven queens started conspiring to kill Kalika’s son. First of all, the seven queens together made a plan for the son of Queen Kalika that they would throw that child in the Gausala. And that child will die by being crushed under the feet of the animals.

The seven queens throw that boy in the cowshed and go away. After some time when the queens come to see the boy in the cowshed. So she sees that the cow is kneeling down and feeding the boy with his udder in his mouth. Even after many efforts, the child does not die at their hands. Later, the queens put the boy in the box and throw it in the Kali river. But by the miracle of God, the floating box reaches Gauri Ghat safely.

At Gauri Ghat, that trunk gets caught in the net of a fisherman named “bhana” .The fisherman did not have a child, so the fisherman was pleased to see that child and took him home Due to meeting at Gauri Ghat, the fisherman named the boy “Goria”. When the boy started growing up, he insists on buying horses from that fisherman. But because the fisherman does not have money to buy a horse, he makes a girl’s horse. The boy is very happy to see that wooden horse. The villagers were astonished to see such a sight.

The boy’s meeting with the seven queens :-

One day the boy, while roaming in his same wooden horse, reaches a place called Dhumakote where all the seven queens were filling water from the Raj Ghat. Even knowing this, he remains calm at that time. And he goes to the queens and says that first his horse will drink water. After that you will fill water.

Hearing this, Rania starts laughing loudly and says “A foolish boy can drink water even in a wooden horse”. Hearing this, the seven queens get a little nervous and complain about that child to the king, after that the king wanted to know the truth by calling that child.

So that child comes and narrates to the king the story of the conspiracy hatched by the seven queens with his mother, Kalika. After listening to the story, the king asks for proof of his son being

On this, the boy Goria said that “If I am the true son of Mother Kalika, then at this very moment a stream of milk will come out of my mother’s breast and it will automatically go into my mouth”. The king embraced the boy and handed over the entire kingdom to him.

After this, after becoming a child king, he continued to provide justice to the subjects by holding justice meetings at places, after gaining fame as the god of justice, he became invisible.

The specialty of Ghorakhal temple is that devotees write their wishes on paper and letters and tie them in one place and it is believed that Golu Devta fulfills the wishes of the devotees by giving their justice according to all those letters. And when the vows of the devotees are fulfilled, the devotees offer “bells” here as a gift.

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