Importance of fasting on Shravan MondayImportance of fasting on Shravan Monday

Importance of fasting on Shravan Monday
Importance of fasting on Shravan Monday
Shravan month is very dear to Lord Shiva. Worshiping Lord Shiva on Monday in this month brings happiness, peace and prosperity in the family.
 According to the mythological beliefs in Sawan, whoever observes a fast on Monday of the month of Shravan, his wishes are fulfilled, on this day devotees worship Lord Shiva by giving charity.
 Devotees observe this fast for different purposes, to get the desired results to get happiness, peace and prosperity in married life, by observing this fast, devotees of Lord Shiva worship him with bill letters. By observing this fast, one gets the virtuous result of bathing in all the pilgrimages.

How to worship Lord Shiva in Sawan Monday?

The fasting of Sawan monday starts from early morning.
  On this day, getting up early in the morning and retiring from your daily activities, the house is purified by sprinkling Ganges water on the house.
After this, after establishing the earthly Shivling in the north-east corner of the house, one should take a vow of fasting for the month of Sawan.
  Lord Shiva is not worshiped only in the month of Sawan, along with Lord Shiva, his Ganas and entire family are worshipped.
On this day Nandi Dev, Nagdev, Goddess Parvati, Lord Ganesha, Lord Kartik, Lord Virbhadra should be worshiped along with Lord Shiva.
The worship material of Lord Shiva includes milk, curd, ghee, sugar, honey, clothes, janeu, sandalwood, roli, molly, rice, flowers, belpatra, cannabis, datura, lotus, betel nut, cardamom, dry fruits, long, After worshiping Lord Shiva with these ingredients, one should worship Lord Shiva by burning camphor.
 After worshiping, one should eat a snack, worshiping removes the sufferings of a person and happiness and peace and prosperity remain in the family, the person who fasts should take food after sunset.
 In this way a devotee who worships Lord Shiva with devotion in the month of Sawan, his wishes are fulfilled.


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