Howrah Bridge - Kolkata | Best Tourist Place in Howrah City
Howrah Bridge - Kolkata | Best Tourist Place in Howrah City

 Howrah Bridge – Kolkata

Howrah Bridge - Kolkata
Tourist Place in Howrah City

How the Howrah Bridge got its name Howrah?

Welcome to Tourist Place in Howrah City. The name Howrah is derived from the Bengali word “Haor” (Bangla) which is a Bengali word for a puddle of water, mud and frozen organic debris.

Scientifically speaking, the word Haor is a depression, which is a River is used for swamp or lake. The term used to be more in the eastern part of Bengal which is now a country [Bangladesh].

Howrah (English: Howrah, Bengali: াওড়া) district is located in the Indian state of West Bengal and is also an industrial city, the second largest city in West Bengal. The credit goes to Howrah, the headquarters of Howrah district and Howrah Sadar. Howrah is situated on the right bank of river Hooghly

Best Tourist Place in Howrah City 

Best Tourist Place in Howrah City
Tourist Place in Howrah City

The city is also known as the Twin Cities of Calcutta, which was once the capital of the British Government of India and one of the most influential and wealthiest cities in the world.

The Rabindra Setu, Vivekananda Setu, Nivedita Setu and Vidyasagar Setu connect it to the capital of West Bengal situated on the eastern bank of the Hooghly River.

Despite the similarities in both the cities, Howrah city has a different identity, it is mostly Hindi speaking people, which gives Howrah city a little different identity from Kolkata.

The city of Howrah is located at an altitude of only 12 meters above sea level, this city is well connected to the whole of India by rail and road for traffic.

The main railway station here is [Howrah Junction Railway Station]. At present, Howrah Railway Station is the headquarters of Eastern Railway and South Eastern Railway.

Apart from Howrah Railway Station, there are 6 railway stations in Howrah Nagar area. National Highway 2 and National Highway 6 connect Howrah city with Delhi and Mumbai. Sibpur, Ghusuri, Lilua, Salkhia and Ramakrishnapur suburbs are the towns falling under Howrah city.

Located on the western bank of the Hooghly River that flows in West Bengal, Howrah is known as a charming city.

The Howrah Bridge located here has become a world famous attraction which has not only put this city on the world map but also made Howrah city an important transport hub of the state. Howrah is a famous tourist destination of India.

Durga Puja is celebrated by the local people with great pomp. Other festivals are also celebrated here with great joy and gaiety like Durga Puja, Dussehra, Kali Puja and Diwali, all these festivals are famous festivals of this region.

A large quantity of Bengali sweets are prepared here during the festival time, whose popularity is spread all over India, so people with their family and friends go to Howrah to see Durga Puja. Howrah is a famous tourist destination.

 Best Tourist Places in Howrah, Sightseeing

  1. bear the orange
  2. Hooghly River
  3. Sundarban Forest
  4. Howrah Bridge
  5. Vidyasagar Setu
  6. Flower Market in Mullick Ghat
  7. Botanic Garden
  8. shepherd
  9. Belur Math
  10. Rail Museum
  11. Belilius Park
  12. Great Banyan Tree
  13. red dighi

Best time to visit Howrah

If you want to come to Howrah, then the best time to come here is between the month of November and the month of February.

How to reach Howrah?

By road

The state of Howrah is well connected to the rest of the country by National Highways 6 and 2. It is also well connected by road to nearby cities like Jamshedpur, Siliguri and Darjeeling.

 Howrah city Map

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