Houseboat in Dal Lake – Srinagar | Houseboat at Kashmir

Houseboat in Dal Lake – Srinagar

Houseboat in Dal Lake - Srinagar
Houseboat in Dal Lake – Srinagar
Dal Lake is considered to be the most beautiful lake of Srinagar. This lake is like heaven on this earth. It is spread over an area of 26 square kilometers in the midst of beautiful lush green mountains.

Tourists come here to take a ride in a Shikara boat, sit on a house boat as well as enjoy the market situated on the banks of the lake, so this Dal Lake has become the most favorite place of tourists.

Houseboat at Kashmir

Houseboat at Kashmir
Houseboat in Dal Lake – Srinagar
The tourists who come to Srinagar always see it as a pleasant place to visit in summer. Dal Lake is very beautiful to see.
From here the view of the snowy mountains captivates the mind and while enjoying the house boat here, tourists can admire these plaintiffs and enjoy the beauty of this place.
If you are coming to Srinagar, then do not forget to visit Dal Lake because if there is any place that is most beautiful and attractive, then it is Dal Lake which will give a pleasant feeling to your trip.
Now we will know about the houseboat located in Dal Lake
What is a houseboat and how is it used?

what is a houseboat and how it is used?

Houseboat in Dal Lake - Srinagar
Houseboat in Dal Lake – Srinagar
A houseboat is a type of wooden boat, this boat is operated in the Dal Lake located in the city of Srinagar in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir, India.
By the way, apart from Jammu and Kashmir, houseboats are also used in the Indian state of Kerala. Houseboats are built in different sizes which are used for various purposes including transportation of people. A typical houseboat can seat about 6 people, and the sailor steers this houseboat from behind.
These houseboats are considered a cultural icon in Jammu and Kashmir. The houseboats located here are used to take tourists to Dal Lake. Also some houseboats are used for fishing, and for aquatic vegetation or fodder.
Most of the houseboats are covered with tarpaulins and are used by tourists while some houseboats are also used by poor people as temporary homes.
The view here is very beautiful during the summer season and at the same time, the Shikara festival is also organized with great pomp in Dal Lake.
Deodar wood is used to make this boat as cedar wood does not decompose in water. The length of the timber to build the boat can range from 25 to 41 feet. The central part of this boat is made of 8 wooden planks.
In this boat nails and iron clamps are mounted diagonally on the wood. So that it can be strengthened and the shape of the house can be given by covering the boat from above.
To sit in the boat, mattresses, beds are placed in the middle of the boat and the goods are also kept under it, in this boat the house rests on four pillars. The painting on this boat makes it beautiful, this place is very beautiful, seeing the beauty of this place becomes

Dal Lake Map

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