Best Tourist Place in Chamoli | Flower Vally in Uttarakhand
Best Tourist Place in Chamoli | Flower Vally in Uttarakhand

Best Tourist Place in Chamoli

Best Tourist Place in Chamoli
Best Tourist Place in Chamoli

Auli in Uttarakhand

Oli is located in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand state, it is situated at a distance of 12 kilometers from a place called Joshimath on the Rishikesh to Badrinath road.
Oli is a very beautiful tourist destination, located 4 km away from the ropeway, here in summer the view from all around becomes beautiful and beautiful with green grass.
Here in winter, this place is marked on the world tourism map as snow sports and tourist destination.
Spread from 2540 meters to 3050 meters in height, this area is 1.5 kilometers wide and 6 kilometers long.

Best Tourist Place in Chamoli
Best Tourist Place in Chamoli
The ancient temple of Anjani Mata is located here, which you can visit, all the tourists who come here definitely come here again.
Because this place is very beautiful and you get to see a very beautiful view of green grass and many types of games are also played which starts in winter.
There is a large number of pine trees here, whose fragrance you will feel in the winds here, seeing the snow-capped peaks and slopes, everyone’s heart jumps with joy.
The snow here will make you feel like cotton, here artificially created a lake by the government, which is famous as Oli Lake.
This place is also known for skiing and trekking, there are many types of skiing, such as alpine skiing, Nordic skiing, and the slopes here are excellent for telemark skiing.
 Skiing is also taught here, this training is given every year from January to March, whoever wants to take training, whose certificate is also given.
 For learning skiing for 7 days, a fee of Rs 4710 is charged from Indian tourists and Rs 5890 from foreign tourists, these fees are increased and decreased according to the facilities, here Asia’s longest cable car has been laid, whose length is 4 kilometers.
 Tourists who do not have much money, they should pay special attention to this that a skiing and tourist resort has been built by Garhwal Mandal in Oli, which is the best option, it is very close to the main road.

 Flower Vally in Uttarakhand

Flower Vally in Uttarakhand
Flower Vally in Uttarakhand: Best Tourist Place in Chamoli
On the way from Rishikesh to Badrinath road, 19 km from a place called Govindghat, there is a place called Ghaghariya, 5 km away from here, this valley adorned with innumerable flowers is known as [Valley of Flowers].
 This place has been included in the World Heritage List by the World Heritage Committee in the year 2005.
If you want to come here, then you must wear jungle shoes to walk in these forests and for those who cannot climb, there is a provision for horses and mules.
There is a stay arrangement in Ghangaria, here you can stay in hotels and gurudwaras, stay here one day and travel to the Valley of Flowers the next day.
The next day when you set out for the Valley of Flowers, don’t be in a hurry, this is a complete trek to enjoy.
  While slowly enjoying the view of the natural beauty and enjoying the beautiful flowers and the dense forests here, you should take this journey comfortably to take some memories with you.
The best time to visit here is in the month of August, at this time different types of flower species are seen here and along with this there is also a rainy season.
 So at this time you will also get to see the beautiful view of the clouds flying from the foot of the mountains to the top.

Trishul mountain in Uttarakhand

Trishul Mountain
Best Tourist Place in Chamoli

Trishul mountain is near Bageshwar district in the central part of Uttarakhand state, this mountain has been named Trishul, due to having three peaks, this mountain has been named after the trident of Lord Shiva.

 The height of this mountain is 7120 meters, this mountain is known as Shiv Dham, this mountain is visible from Almora, Ranikhet and Gwaldam.
Whereas flat from Gopeshwar, that is, it appears like a person’s face, from the month of February to June, the posture of this mountain is seen in a serious form, on seeing this mountain from July to October, it seems as if this mountain is smiling.
 On seeing this mountain from November to February, it will feel as if you are looking at the face of a girl, this view will definitely appeal to your mind, you will get the experience of seeing the beautiful snowy hills here.
Auli Chamoli Map

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