Diwali Celebration in Rishikesh 2022

diwali celebration package in rishikesh 2022

Let’s talk about the Diwali celebrations in Rishikesh 2022 since tourists are particularly drawn to spend the Diwali holiday season there.

Diwali is also one of the main festival celebrated by Hindus, and it is celebrated by delicious food, rituals and fireworks.

Diwali Celebration in Rishikesh 2022
Diwali Celebration in Rishikesh 2022

The tradition of celebrating Diwali in Rishikesh dates back to a long time, but it has become more popular recently as various camps and resorts now offer Diwali packages.

Some resorts and camps in Rishikesh are located on the banks of Shivpuri Ganga while others are situated on the banks of Huil river and offer the best Diwali celebration packages.

Diwali celebration in Rishikesh camp is the most daring way to celebrate the festival of lights. Let us celebrate the festival in an entirely new, daring, and exciting way. 

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At Ganga Beach & Huil River, celebrate the Festival of Lights with a bonfire, music, camping, rafting, and other activities. Camping packages for Diwali in Rishikesh start at Rs 2500 per person.

Camping Includes

  • Stay in clean and comfy deluxe camps
  • Camps having electricity and air coolers
  • All meals (Lunch, Dinner, Breakfast)
  • Bonfire and light music at night
  • Outdoor Sports like Volleyball, Badminton etc
  • Riverside Visit to Ganga Beach
  • Team Building Activities & Group games
  • Activities at Ganga Beach

Diwali Camping & Rafting Prices

  • Only Camping : Rs 2500
  • Camping + Rafting (10Kms) : Rs 3200
  • Camping + Rafting (16Kms) : Rs 3500
  • Camping, Rafting & Zipline : Rs 4200
  • Camping, Rafting & Zipline : Rs 4600
  • Extra Pricing – [16Km Rafting: Rs 1020], [10Km Rafting: Rs 620], [Zipline: 1550 Rs]

About Campsite Features

  • Ganga Beach is 150 meter from campsite & takes 5 minutes to reach there by walk.
  • Camps has electricity and air coolers facility.
  • The campsite has dining area & playfield
  • Just 25 stairs above the main road(Badrinath highway, NH58)
  • Clean campsite with comfy camps
  • Covid-19 Safety precautions 


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