Bhowali - Nainital | Temple of Golu DevtaBhowali - Nainital | Temple of Golu Devta

Bhowali – Nainital

Bhowali - Nainital
Bhowali – Nainital
Bhuwali comes under Kumaon circle, due to its quiet environment and open space, ‘Bhuwali’ is one of the most magnificent city of Kumaon, here there is a fruit market and these fruits are grown here, this Bhuwali is such a focal point.
From where Kathgodam, Haldwani, Nainital, Almora – Ranikhet Bhimtal, Sattal and Ramgarh – Mukteshwar etc. all these places can be reached by different motor routes.
Bhuwali Nagar is also famous for its ancient TB Sanatorium, which was established in the year 1912. Here beautiful pine trees are found more and the wind of these trees is T.B.
It is said to be beneficial for the patients of That is why this hospital was built in the middle of a dense pine forest.
Bhuvali is a very beautiful small town situated at an altitude of 1680 meters at the foot of the mountains in the middle of pine and bamboo trees.
Due to the very pure climate of Bhuvali, it is very healthy. High mountains are situated in Bhowali and cultivation is done here in terraced fields.
Due to being big mountains, there are spiral shaped roads here. Greenery is visible all around. Here there are dense trees full of natural beauty.
This is the home of pine trees.
Bhowali city may seem small in appearance, but its importance is very high. There are many such historical places near Bhowali, which have their own importance.
An ancient temple of Golu Devta, the presiding deity of Kumaon, is established here, and there is also a military school called Ghorakhal at this place.
The mountain of ‘Lion’s danda’ and the mountain of ‘Red’s danda’ are also amalgamated with Bhawali. The ancient Jabar Mahadev Shiva temple in the sanatorium is situated on the foothills of Ladiyakata mountain.
To reach here, one has to walk about two km on the hill from the sanatorium gate located on the Nainital Bhowali motorway.
The most important thing about this temple is that the wooden Shivling has been established at this place since ancient times, which is in its former condition even in present times and if we talk about Nainital district, then this is the only Shiva temple in Nainital district. Where 18 feet long trident is installed.
Bhowali - Nainital
Bhowali – Nainital
To go to all these places like Bhimtal, Naukuchiatal, Mukteshwar, Ramgarh, Almora and Ranikhet etc. Tourists and hikers coming from Kathgodam also have to see the land of ‘Bhawali’ – hence the importance of ‘Bhowali’ increases even more.
Where it is geographical, natural beauty is also seen there.
That is why hundreds – thousands of nature-lovers keep coming here every year to see this peaceful and beautiful city of nature.
Bhowali is located at a distance of only 11 km from Nainital, tourists and tourists who come to Nainital definitely visit Bhowali.
Some of these tourists even go to the temple of Kainchi and some reach the top of the ‘Gagarchal’ mountain.

Temple of Golu Devta

Temple of Golu Devta
Temple of Golu Devta
Located at a distance of about 3 kilometers from Bhowali, is the temple of Golu Devta, which is the temple of the famous Golu Devta of Kumaon, he is also called the God of Justice.
Here it is believed that if a person has been wronged and that person goes to the temple of Golu Devta and pleads for justice, then Golu Devta never disappoints them.
Hundreds of devotees come here every year with their vows.
And leave this court with a letter written by him or (letter).
After the fulfillment of the vow, he comes again and goes to this temple by offering a bell to thank Lord Golu Devta in the joy of fulfillment of the vow.
No person ever returns from this temple disappointed.
Golu Devta gives justice to all the devotees. and fulfill everyone’s wishes
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