Best Tourist Places to Visit in Tamil Nadu | Tourist Places in OotyBest Tourist Places to Visit in Tamil Nadu | Tourist Places in Ooty

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Tamil Nadu


Tamil Nadu located in India is a very beautiful state in South India. The capital of Tamil Nadu is in Chennai, the largest city of Tamil Nadu is also Chennai.

The divine and grand temple is established in Tamil Nadu, hence the land here is also known as ‘Land of Temples’. Tamil Nadu is the state which is known for its cultural and religious heritage.

Along with this, Tamil Nadu is one such state which is famous for its tourists and Provides every opportunity to the pilgrims to get acquainted with a vast wealth of knowledge of the history of this place.

Some of the tourist places located in Tamil Nadu are modern and some are ancient, which along with all the facilities of the present state of Tamil Nadu, it is an important place for us to explore and experience our ancient religious and cultural heritage, which makes it a great place. Makes for a beautiful place.

Tourists from all over the world come to Tamil Nadu to see the famous Meenakshi Temple located in Madurai, a large number of tourists come here to see the beautiful, beautiful hill stations of Kanyakumari and Ooty.

The state of Tamil Nadu has a very rich cultural, religious and architectural history. Tourist places located in the state of Tamil Nadu like Mahabalipuram, Brihadeshwara, Nataraja, Tanjore and Meenakshipuram are the famous temples here. Many of these famous temples here have been declared as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Along with this there are 17 wildlife sanctuaries and five national parks in the state of Tamil Nadu, Some of the major sanctuaries like Tiger Reserve, Mudhumalai, Nagarhole and Bandipur are some of the most famous forest sanctuaries in the state of Tamil Nadu which remain the center of tourist attraction.

The famous dance here Bharatanatyam is a traditional Tamilian dance. This dance is performed in temples in front of the deities. And in today’s time it has become a very popular dance all over India, due to which it is now considered as one of the seven classical dances of India.

Best Tourist Places in Tamilnadu


Rameswaram is a very beautiful city in Ramanathapuram district of Tamil Nadu state.

Rameswaram is considered to be one of the most sacred places in India, its beauty is made on sight because it is situated on a beautiful island which further enhances its beauty.

It is described in Hindu mythology that this is the place from where Lord Rama built a bridge to cross the sea to Sri Lanka.

The point is the closest point to Sri Lanka from Rameswaram, and geological evidence suggests that the Rama Setu was a former land connection between India and Sri Lanka.

This place was named Rameshwaram after the name of Lord Rama, which is described in the Ramayana. Rameshwaram is the place which is a living memoir of Ramayana.

Rameshwaram, this beautiful island located in the Indian Ocean, is known for its natural beauty, beautiful environment and religious importance, due to which tourists keep coming here throughout the year.

Panchmukhi Hanuman Temple is located here. This temple has a floating stone which was used by Lord Rama to build a bridge between India and Sri Lanka.

Rameshwaram has its own railway station which is called Rameshwaram Railway Station but there is no airline facility to come here. If you want to travel by plane then the nearest airport to you is Tuticorin, this airport is 142 km away from Rameswaram.

If you want to visit Rameshwaram, then the best time to visit here is from October to April.

Tourist Places in Ooty

Ooty Tourist Places
Best Tourist Places to Visit in Tamil Nadu


Ooty is a very beautiful city Ooty also known as Udhagamandalam, Ooty is a beautiful city in the Nilgiris district in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. It is a municipal council.

Ooty is situated at a distance of 86 km from Coimbatore in the north and 128 km from Mysore in the south. The city of Ooty is well connected by the Nilgiri Ghat roads and through the Nilgiri Hill Railway for traveling from one place to another.

Ooty is so beautiful that its natural environment attracts tourists and it is also a popular place. With tea gardens, beautiful and serene waterfalls, winding lanes and charming colonial architecture, Ooty is a place to be enjoyed by everyone.

The Government Rose Garden located here is the largest rose garden in India. This Rose Garden is a very beautiful place situated on the slopes of Elk Hill in Vizianagaram, Ooty city. Today, this garden house has become the largest collection of roses in the country with more than 20,000 varieties of flowers.

Ooty is such a beautiful place that it attracts its visitors due to its panoramic views of the Nilgiri mountains. Among the trains running here, the Nilgiri Hill Railway or Ooty Toy Train gives a very enjoyable journey, this train is a miracle in itself. If you come here, then definitely enjoy the journey in this train.

 The weather here is so beautiful that the view of the mountains at the mere touch of it makes this place even more attractive. Whenever you think of South India, you can think of the temples located here that showcase the architecture of ancient India.

There are some temples located on the top of a very beautiful hill in this city, you can enjoy the beauty of the temple as well as visit it. The best time to visit the city of Ooty is throughout the year as the weather is pleasant throughout the year and suitable for sightseeing.

Here the temperature remains between 5-15 degrees during the cold nights throughout the year. If you have not gone to Ooty, then definitely go once, the beautiful valleys and natural beauty of this place will attract you again and again.


The capital of the state of Tamil Nadu is Chennai, Chennai was known as the official name Madras till 1996. Located on the Coromandel Coast in the Bay of Bengal, this place is one of the biggest cultural, economic and educational centers of South India.

Chennai has a rich cultural history of its own, which Chennai keeps perfectly balanced with its cosmopolitan lifestyle.

Chennai is a place worth visiting for its temples with pure and beautiful culture, along with South Indian culture, museums and monuments of British rule and the Marina Beach located at second largest urban beach in the world. This place attracts tourists and it is a very beautiful place.

Chennai situated in Tamil Nadu north-eastern . on a flat coastal plain along the sea, which is called the East Coast Plain. The average height of Chennai is about 6.7 meters

Chennai is a city that is famous for being one of the best shopping destinations in the country, now whether you are street shopping or shopping at the best malls, Chennai will have all the stuff and convenience you need. You may need

If you are fond of shopping then you come to Chennai Chennai will not disappoint you. Though there has been some improvement in the nightlife scene of Chennai in the last few years. Most night bars and pubs are opening only in high-end hotels due to some regulations.

Chennai mainly attracts tourists from here to the beautiful tourist places of Tamil Nadu. The best time to visit Chennai is the pre-monsoon season from October to February and the winter season.


Best Tourist Places to Visit in Tamil Nadu


Kodaikanal is a place which is located in the district of Dindigul in the state of Tamil Nadu, it is a very beautiful hill station. This place is also called “Princess of Hill Stations”.

Known for its beauty, scenic beauty and beautiful lakes, Kodaikanal has a long history as a popular tourist destination. The city of Kodai is very famous for the scenic beauty of the hills and lakes and the pleasant enjoyment and seasonal coolness of the weather here.

As soon as the boundaries of Kodaikanal start, you will feel the drop in the temperature here and along with this the natural beauty here is very beautiful.

Situated in the Palani hills, this place is nestled in the middle of rolling slopes, the height of Kodaikanal is about 7200 feet above sea level, whenever you visit this hill station once, you can see your imaginations in reality here.

Kodaikanal is a very beautiful place in itself, the climate here, and the manicured cliffs covered with mist and waterfalls falling from the top makes this place an ideal place to visit and attract tourists. Huh.

Kodaikanal has beautiful treks and in today’s time it has also become the center of many treks. If you would like to go for a walk away from the hustle and bustle of the city, then Kodaikanal is the place where you will get to enjoy the natural beauty along with the serene environment. Green Valley Viewpoint, Pillar Rocks Viewpoint, and famous dolphin sightseeing places to visit here. Nose approach.

If you want to visit Kodaikanal, then the best time to come here is from October to June, while the weather here is slightly cooler in the month of December and January.


Hogenakkal is a waterfall located in the Dharmapuri district of Tamil Nadu state, where the Kaveri river is divided into several streams of springs and this river flows in the form of waterfalls.

Hogenakkal is a very beautiful place located at a distance of about 127 km from Bangalore and 165 km from Kollegal. The carbonate rocks in this site are believed to be the oldest in South Asia as well as in the whole world.

Boating is permitted in Hogenakkal during the dry season as the springs are not strong enough to alter or obstruct the course of boats.

This place is also known as “Niagara Falls of India”, people also take medicinal bath here because it is also known for its medicinal baths. There is a fish market outside the waterfall from where one can smell of fish.

If you want to visit Hogenakkal then the best time to visit here is during the winter months from October to February.

The top place near Hogenakkal is Ooty, which is located about 141 km from Hogenakkal, and a place called Yercaud, located at a distance of about 60 km from Hogenakkal, is a very beautiful place for tourists.


Yercaud is a very beautiful hill station in Salem district located in the state of Tamil Nadu. Yercaud is situated in the range of hills of Shevaroy Mountains situated in Eastern Ghats.

Its height is about 1515 meters (4970 feet) above sea level, and in Yercaud itself, the Sarvarayana temple is situated at a height of 5326 feet. Yercaud is a place that is known for its vast coffee plantations and for its wonderful weather.

 The Yercaud Lake situated here is the main attraction of this area, due to which tourists keep coming here. One of the many attractions located here is the summer festival held here which is held in the month of May.

The mountain ranges located here are dedicated to Lord Sarvarayana, considered to be the supreme deity here, which presents a glimpse of the rich heritage of this region to the visitors coming here.

Yercaud is full of natural beauty due to which this place is also known as ‘Land of 7 Forests’. Here coffee fields, citrus orchards, jackfruit, banana and pear trees are the components of Yercaud and its surrounding forests, which further enhance the beauty of the place.

If you are fond of trekking, then trekking here in the midst of natural beauty is a wonderful experience. If you want to come to Yercaud, then the best time to visit here is from the month of October to June. Because the weather here is dry and cold.



Mahabalipuram is a town in Chengalpattu district, in the state of Tamil Nadu. Mahabalipuram is also known as Mamallapuram by the local people.

Mahabalipuram is also known for its UNESCO World Heritage Site for the 7th and 8th century Hindu group of monuments. It is one of the famous places of Tamil Nadu tourist places in India.

Mahabalipuram is the place which was one of the two major ports or cities of the Pallava Empire. The city was named after the Pallava king Narasimhavarman I, who was popularly known as Mahabali.

Mahabalipuram is a very beautiful city and the top places located near it are Pondicherry which is located at a distance of about 89 km from Mahabalipuram, Chennai which is about 48 km from Mahabalipuram,

In Mahabalipuram, you will find a calm atmosphere, attractive environment and many beautiful places, here you will find impressive arrangements with white sandy beaches and casuarina trees, all these are the reasons for tourists here to see it and enjoy the natural beauty here. Come and why would no one want to visit this wonderful city.

Some of the major famous tourist places located in Mahabalipuram are 1. Shore Temple 2. Five chariots 3. Crocodile Bank which is home to some exquisite species of crocodiles, 4. Kovalam 5. Sadar beach resorts are it all.

 If you are planning to visit Mahabalipuram, then the best time to visit here is when the winter season is starting, which is between the month of October to March.


Tondaimandalam is a region located in the state of Tamil Nadu in which a temple is located which is a town. This place is a very beautiful place located at a distance of about 72 km from Chennai.

Kanchipuram is such a place that attracts a large number of tourists from all over the world, mostly tourists who believe in Hinduism and are interested in Hinduism.

Along with this, those tourists also come here who only want to enjoy the wonders of South Indian architecture and its grandeur.

The city of Kanchipuram is home to the famous goddess Kanchi Kamakshi, who is the famous worship place of Kamakshi Devi (Mother Parvati), the consort of Lord Shiva.

The Kailasanathar temple located here is a very popular place which is famous for its magnificent architecture as well as grandeur and beauty.

This is one of the tallest, largest and most impressive temples of this city, this temple is spread over 40 acres, which is the Ekambaswara temple built during the time of Pallava period.

If you want to visit Kanchipuram, then the best time to visit here is from the month of October to March as the temperature is not high at that time.

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